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Cardiovascular clinical cases

Ventricular septal rupture complicating acute myocardial infarction

Alexandra Almeida1; Raquel Vaz Pereira2; Fernando Ribeiro3
1 Cardiac Physiologist, Emergency Service, Hospital de Santa Maria – Centro Hospitalar Universitário Lisboa Norte
2 Cardiac Physiologist, Ecocardiography Laboratory, Hospital de Santa Maria – Centro Hospitalar Universitário Lisboa Norte
3 Cardiac Physiologist Coordinator, Hospital de Santa Maria – Centro Hospitalar Universitário Lisboa Norte

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Emergent balloon aortic valvuloplasty on a cardiogenic shock patient

Miguel Martins de Carvalho 1,2; Ricardo Alves Pinto1; Tânia Proença1; Cristina Cruz; João Carlos Silva1; Filipe Macedo1,2
1 Serviço de Cardiologia, Centro Hospitalar Universitário de São João, Portugal
2 Cardiovascular R&D Center, Faculty of Medicine of the University of Porto

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“Two-in-one” stroke – protein C and S deficiencies and meningioma in a young patient

Carolina Miguel Gonçalvesa, Cátia Fariaa, Pedro Neves Tavaresa, Fátima Saraivaa, Maria Jesus Banzaa, João Moraisa,b
a Hospitalar de Leiria
b ciTechCare – Center for Innovative Care and Health Technology. Polytechnique of Leiria

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Subject areas

> Imaging

— Multimodality
— Echocardiography
— Cardiac magnetic resonance imaging
— Cardiac computed tomography
— Nuclear techniques

> Coronary artery disease

— Acute coronary syndrome
— Chronic coronary syndrome

> Valvular heart disease

— Aortic regurgitation
— Aortic stenosis
— Mitral regurgitation
— Mitral stenosis
— Tricuspid regurgitation
— Tricuspid stenosis
— Pulmonary regurgitation
— Pulmonary stenosis
— Multivalvular disease
— Prosthetic valves
— Endocarditis

> Rhythm disorders

— Syncope — Atrial fibrillation
— Atrial flutter
— Supraventricular tachycardia
— Ventricular arrhythmia
— Bradycardia
— Cardiac ion channel dysfunction
— Pacemaker
— Implantable cardioverter-defibrillator
— Cardiac resynchronization therapy device

> Heart Failure

— Heart failure with reduced ejection fraction
— Heart failure with mildly reduced ejection fraction
— Heart failure with preserved ejection fraction
— Acute heart failure
— Cardiomyopathy
— Pericardial disease
— Right heart dysfunction
— Cardiac dysfunction in oncology patients

> Acute cardiovascular care

— Post-cardiac arrest
— Critically ill cardiac patient
— Patient after percutaneous cardiac procedure
— Patient after cardiac surgery
— End-of-life care in a critically ill cardiac patient

> Prevention, rehabilitation, sports

— Heart disease in the athlete (Sports Cardiology)
— Arterial hypertension
— Dyslipidaemia
— Heart disease in diabetes
— Primary prevention of cardiovascular disease
— Secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease
— Cardiac rehabilitation

> Miscellaneous

— Cardiac tumour
— Aortic disease
— Trauma to the aorta or the heart
— Peripheral artery disease
— Thromboembolic venous disease
— Pulmonary thromboembolism
— Pulmonary hypertension
— Adult congenital heart disease
— Pregnancy and heart disease
— Digital health in Cardiology


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